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Dear UAVIators,

We have made a mistake when we released our token on the Indoex "exchange". We knew little back then that this site is indeed a scam - they stole all our UAVI coins and stable coins we deposited, and there was absolutely no trading taking place, essentially destroying our project both short and long term. Despite the huge financial loss we did not stop developing our project: we are now exclusively focusing on our favourite incubator collaboration project, the Drone Simulator. The Drone Simulator project has been in development for several years by its amazing developer - way before the UAVI timeline has started. Our solution to the problem regarding the stolen UAVI tokens is to issue a new token dedicated for the Drone Simulator project and reimburse everyone who has participated in the UAVI token ICO with the same value from the newly issued tokens, starting fresh from ground zero, without any rogue tokens that could potentially harm genuine UAVI token holders' investment. We have learned our lesson - we will never send the new tokens to a centralized exchange - the new token will only be available at decentralized exchanges. Thank you for keeping your faith in us.

The UAVI Team